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Christmas is around the corner. While we are at work, we cannot stop thinking about our loved ones and the time off ahead. Many of us will gather around the fireplace with a mug of tea, a cup of eggnog with friends. Maybe we have mulled wine on a decorated festive square with the smell of gingerbread filling the air. While this is what we all are looking for, there are many, who cannot afford to have a peace of mind during Christmas, let alone gifts under the tree.

While we are up in the cloud, we cannot forget to stand with two feet on the ground. We should also bring smiles onto faces for those, who are in need. Cloudagents are taking their share, in the so called „shoebox” campaign. Our colleagues have filled these empty boxes with clothes, knick-knacks and whatever our team could spare.

These boxes are delivered to a local charity in Debrecen then. Anything that a child would need and want during winter should be there. For example, a warm hat, a comfortable pair of gloves, tiny shoes, or a neat sweater. Perhaps a coloring book, crayons, or a cuddly toy to help them be more happy children.

Our colleagues at the HQ have created their ’shoebox’ gifts and we were eager to deliver them before Christmas. We have chosen the DMJV Gyermekvédelmi Intézménye (City of Debrecen County Authority Child Protective Services Institute). They are also located in Debrecen and close to those regions, where many families are in need. We wish to support not only our local community, but it is also heartwarming to see how a small contribution can bring change to people’s lives.

CloudAgents Charity 2018
Zsolt Szmolinka and Ágnes Farkas (Director of DMJV Gyermekvédelmi Intézménye)

There are only so many ways we can help, but it is very important to act on it as well. While we are all working towards professional goals at the workplace or just tidied up by the every days at home, we can never forget to think about the most important task ahead all of us, helping each other. A couple of clothes and a box of chocolate does not cost too much for one, yet could mean a lot for the other.

CloudAgents Shoebox Charity 2018

Giving is not about money, it is about caring and paying attention. There is surely something you can do as well to make Christmas better for one another. We invite you to join us and help those in need to have a merry, merry Christmas, and a happier New Year.

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