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Homesourcing - can it be a win-win?

homesourcing work from home

Cloud-based or 'brick-and-mortar'?

Homesourcing is a phenomenon that takes the contact center world as a storm. Up until now, most companies preferred off-shore, physical offices to keep cost low and keep quality reasonable. However, the advancement in cloud-based technology allows us to be free from location restrictions. We would like to present you numerous reasons to switch from a brick-and-mortar office to a cloud contact center. There are many benefits for employers as well.

These are not hypotheses. We have a unique BPO model with home working professionals, and we had much success in the past ten years. Please allow us to share with you the best reasons to choose a home-working model based on our best practices. Whether you are a manager looking for flexible resources, or a freelancer looking for a job, we got you covered. Read on to find out how.

What is homesourcing about?

So first of all, just what is home-based work or teleworking or telecommuting? It is when you as an employee perform your job from home rather than a designated workspace at an employer’s site. In this setup, you stay in contact with the employer via phone, chat and email, etc. Many jobs can be done from home: customer services, order taking, lead generation, telemarketing, even IT support.

There are many reasons to leave the daily commuting behind and choose to work from home. As an employee, reduction of commuting saves you a lot of time and money. By working in a way that is not linked to one specific geographical location, you have a lot more options.

Here are some pieces of advice to get you started:

  • Be dedicated: do not to give up at the first hurdles while adjusting
  • Adjust your environment: reduce distractions, but keep your surroundings inspired, so pack some color, some fun accessories and art.
  • Don’t isolate yourself: build an online and offline tribe, attend events in your area, etc.
  • Keep active: Get some exercise.
  • Schedule breaks in the computer work: take regular breaks to stretch, breathe deeply and relax.

A familiar environment and not having to commute lowers stress levels, resulting in higher morale. As a bonus, you do not necessarily have to follow strict dress codes. There are opportunities for a larger group of people, those who could be excluded. Parents with young children, retirees, the disabled and people in areas with high unemployment rates can access new workforce markets. Not only employees, but employers too benefit from the home-working model. Follow Cloudagents' blog to learn more.

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