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Besides our colleagues at the HQ do their part, as a company, we also cannot forget our most important value, the people themselves. CloudAgents is giving away 5 PCs to the Ságvári Bóbita Nursery and Kindergarten. Their purpose is to help the employees to do their jobs better, also the toddlers with computers are able to learn new skills through them.

Toddlers Charity
Matyas Mate (CTO) with Tunde Szabone Szoladi (Nursery Director) and the nursery board. The children cannot wait to get their hands on the new gifts.

These computers will be used by the children from the kindergarten groups. The toddlers in the nursery are yet to be ready to learn about technology. Even though these PCs are meant to facilitate learning, it will be a ’learn-as-you-play’ process for the a little ones. They can use edutainment software to improve and gain new skills.

As a gesture of their gratitude, the children performed a Christmas show. The little ones happily sung heartwarming Christmas carols, and they also recited poems a-plenty. All of these charming little voices created a truly magical atmosphere, and seeing the joy on their little faces reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas.

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